Atheism is Stupid

Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif


Atheism is stupid. Here is how you can tell. Just ask an Atheist to explain the
origin of the Universe. He cant’t. A shallow Atheist will say that the Big Bang is the
origin of the Universe. But the Big Bang is just another name for the First Cause or God.
Reason or Creative Form or Jesus Christ is the First Cause that cause the beginning of the
Universe. God the Father or Being is the Unmoved Mover who holds the Universe in
Existence. Thomas Aquainas proved the Existence of God as the First Cause
conclusively and his proof has never been disproven. Starting with experience,
Aquainas saw that the Universe is full of finite causes. If we look hard enough around
us, we begin to find that there are some Necessary Causes which are Natural Law which
structure the Universe. If we look a little harder we can try and find the Source of
Natural Law and the Necessary Causes and we begin to see that there must have been
One and only One Necessary Cause which was the First Cause of All that Exists. That
First Cause is Jesus Christ, The Logos, or Reason. Without the First Cause, there is no
way to account for the Origin of the Universe.

Additionally, if we look to our experience it is apparent that given inertia as a
matter of Natural Law, it would seem that the Universe will eventually wind down and go
out of Existence. The reason this does not happen is because God the Father, is the
Unmoved Mover of the Universe. The Unmoved Mover holds the Universe is a
Dynamic Existence. Thomas Aquainas asserted that if one looks to one’s ownexperience one begins see that there is movement in the Universe. One then begins towonder if that Movement has an Origin. That Origin is the Unmoved Mover. Thus, it is
apparent that Intelligent, Intellectual people know that God Exists, while only Stupid
Atheists believe irrationally that God does not exist.

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16 Responses to Atheism is Stupid

  1. EGYPT – 3000 BC
    -Born on the dec. 25
    -Born of a virgin
    -Star in the east
    -Adorned by 3 kings
    -Teacher at 12
    -Baptized/Ministry at 30
    -12 disciples
    -Performed miracles
    -”Lamb of God”/”The light”
    – Crucified
    -Dead for 3 days

    GREECE- 1200 BC
    -Born of a virgin
    -Born on dec.25th
    -Dead for 3 days

    INDIA – 900 BC
    -Born of a virgin
    -Star in the east
    -Performed miracles

    GREECE – 500 BC
    -Born of a virgin
    -Born on dec.25th
    -Performed miracles
    -”King of kings”
    -”Alpha and Omega”

    PERSIA – 1200BC
    -Born of a virgin
    -Born on dec.25th
    -12 disciples
    -Performed miracles
    -Dead for 3 days
    -‘Sunday worship’

    Jesus Christ
    -Born of a virgin
    -Born on dec.25th
    -Star in the the east
    -Performed miracles
    -Dead for 3 days
    -Resurrected Part 1: The Greatest Story Ever Told (Go to 14:31 minute mark) Part 2: The Greatest Story Ever Told Part 3: The Greatest Story Ever Told

    The God of the bible and Jesus don’t exist. There probably is a God, but religions are scams.

  2. ‘Atheists believe irrationally that God does not exist.’

    Atheists lack a belief in Gods. You can’t deny something that has not been proven to exist. That’s just stupid.

    Nor do atheists claim that there is no god. That would be Agnostic Atheists Unless your talking about Gnostic atheists who claim with certainty that God does not exist.

  3. Agnostic atheist
    does not believe any god exists, but doesn’t claim to know that no god exists

    Gnostic atheist
    believes that no god exists and claims to know that this belief is true

  4. Adi Maharaj says:

    De park explicatia asta e f inteligenta 🙂
    A fost o faza tare q Shankara, cand a intalnit un `untouchable` si i-a zis sa il lase in pace… ala i-a zis: cine sa se dea laoparte, trupul meu? toate trupurile sunt murdare, deoarece sunt facute din pamant. Sau sufletul meu, eternul Atman, care permeaza totul, dar nu se intineaza cu nimic?
    Si s-a dus Shankara la el in genunchi si i-a pus mana pe picioare 🙂

    Danny, you’re fabulously stupid.

  5. Adi says:

    You bloddy idiotic ignorant! You’re full of crap!
    Krishna died 3104 BC, did not ressurect, was not born of a virgin, but in prison.

  6. Adrian.I says:

    Stiu ca articolul e simplist ..e facut de un catolic, eu puteam sa fac ceva mai bun, dar era vorba de o idee centrala, big bangul e idiot.

    Ba, hai sa facem misto de ateistul asta 🙂

  7. Adi says:

    Da, buna idee.
    Dar remarcabila faza cu Shankara! Toata lumea spala pe ceilalti pe picioare… nu e cu nimic nou ca Iisus a facut asta la apostoli.

  8. Adrian.I says:

    @Danny Sinfield.
    How do you prove something without experience it? atheism has experimentally proved nothing… the essence is the superiority of the idea, the elegance of the metaphysical explanation of the christian religion has surpassed the stupid explanation of the atheists.
    God transcends the actual dimension that we live in, so the dimension can not access God, but the shape and the harmony of the rational creation relates to the original shape and harmony of a rational Creator; the creation itself is an energy dependent on and emanated by the Creator.
    Milk changes its form and becomes yogurt and although the milk cannot actually be “seen” anymore, the yogurt still remains transformed milk. in the same way, the uncreated energy changed its form but in fact the creation remains emanated energy.

  9. Adrian.I says:

    Zeitgeist is stupid, it gives me more arguments to prove that christianity is right.
    Before Moses and the old testament there was the period of a primordial revelation from Adam to the flood and one from Noe to Moses.
    If you read the traditional books of the jews and the Genesis of Moses you’d see that they are talking about a previous ancient revelation who was universal and adopted by the entire world: Noe, Set, Ham, Adam etc. they were not jews, the whole world had a similar religion who was authentic.
    Even from the beginning, from the Genesis, God talks about a Savior (Jesus in the Bible), His birth (even in the traditional books and jews’ apocryphals), the fight with the snake, the fight between the Savior (Jesus) end the snake (Satan) and so on.
    Mitra, Krishna and all the other pagan religions have in fact a beginning in the original religion who was periodically changed and modified, so in all the corners of the world are some identically elements that prove that we were all one….in Jesus :), and this elements are talking about Jesus, His birth, His Resurrection, fight with the evil and so on. These facts prove that the historical person of Jesus Christ, that has been confirmed by the primordial world’s prophecies, and the christian revelation were the true believes of the primary world; only some blind men like the atheists or some stupid ones like those from zeitgeist can consider them arguments against Christianity.
    Mitra, Krishna, Attis, Horus were just other names for Jesus, the Savior that was revealed by God much earlier than Moses, the Old
    Testament and the mosaic law (in fact mosaism was revealed because the earlier revelation was perverted by humans). Well done, my lad, you’ve just proven that the christian revelation is authentic 🙂
    Honestly, this really has amused me 🙂

  10. Adi says:

    Scrie si tu Christian cu majuscula!
    `Hristosul primordial`, universal, Logosul, nu personajul istoric… 🙂

  11. Adrian.I says:

    Evident, dar acel Hristos a fost prezent si in personajul istoric prin intrupare.
    Chestia e ca nu poti demonstra ceva daca nu se intampla in mod real, de aceea profetiile nu au valoare daca nu sunt completate de istorie.

  12. Adi says:

    The four ‘Varnas’ mentioned are the four capacities of individuals – the spiritual, the political or the administrative, the economic, and the working groups.
    The social groups are really not connected one with the other; they are individuals, of course. How can anyone bring individuals into a harmony or a united formation? How can you ask many people to think singly? This is not possible, obviously. So, the Upaniṣhad tells us that God created what is called ‘Dharma’. The law of integration is called Dharma; the law that binds multiplicity together in a harmony is Dharma; any cohesive force is Dharma; else there would be a split of parts into fragments which flee away hither and thither, without any connection among themselves. The parts of creation would apparently have no connection among themselves if Dharma were not to be there as a strong cementing force. We know there is always a tendency of things to meet together, to come together and unite themselves in some form or the other, for the purpose of a higher achievement. This tendency is present physically, vitally, subtly, grossly, socially, intellectually, ethically, spiritually, or whatever the way be – this uniting Law is called Dharma. Dharma simply means the law of the Righteousness of the Absolute, and this Law operates in every realm of creation, even the lowest form of subatomic structures. Here, too, is the cohesive force working, bringing particles together into a single formation called atoms, molecules, etc. In higher forms of life it is organically visible as the living body, and then there is the social group, etc., all which are indications of the fact that the Supreme Brahman, the Absolute, is operating as an integrating Law, or Dharma, in and through all these manifested varieties, which apparently are disconnected from one another. Thus there is the creation of the groups of individuals, and the Law of Dharma at the same time manifested, to bring them together into a harmony. So, the whole creation is complete in itself. It is a perfect constitution which is laid down with all details, right from the top to the bottom, for all time.

  13. Adrian.I says:

    @Adi Maharaj
    Ai vazut si tu filmul cu Shankara 🙂 ?

  14. Adi says:

    M-am uitat de mai multe ori… incerc sa il invat pe dinafara!

  15. Adi says:

    Ba, trebuie neaparat sa te uiti la Mahabharata!
    Bishma e cel mai tare personaj… din toate filmele!
    cand eram mai mic faceam clasament Neo, Terminatorul… 🙂
    Dar Bishma ii face pe toti. L-a salvat Krishna de 2 ori pe Arjun, ca il anihila numaidecat Bishma.

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